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Comuna Under Construction

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A film by Dario Azzellini & Oliver Ressler

94 min. / 2010

“We have to decide for ourselves what we want. We are the ones who know about our needs and what is happening in our community”, Omayra Peréz explains confidently. She wants to convince her community, located on the hillside of the poor districts of Caracas, to found a Consejo Comunal (community council). In more than 30.000 Consejos Comunales the Venezuelan inhabitants decide on their concerns collectively via assemblies. Omayra is supported by the activists of the nearby shantytown “Emiliano Hernández”, which has had a Consejo Comunal for three years already. The inhabitants there managed to get a doctor from the governmental program “Barrio Adentro”, who treats everyone free of charge. They also got money to renovate their houses and replaced over a dozen of sheet iron huts by new houses. All of these activities and a lot more have been organized via the Consejo Comunal. By local self-organization from below several working groups have been established on self-decided topics and decisions are made in assemblies.

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Conference on Post-capitalist City, Pula 14.-16.8.2009

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The city is the space where the reproduction of social, political and economic forms of life takes
place and where these forms of life confront instrumental political power or political diagonal. This
reproduction of forms of life represents the central site of exploitation as well as of resistance.
Resistance is manifested through production of common values and through cooperation. This
complex environment can be the key force behind the making of democracy, justice, common
values and free space. Cities can become places of post-capitalism. (mehr …)

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Research on Contemporary Informal Settlements in Europe

SELF MADE URBANITY is a multidisciplinary, collaborative and participatory research project initiated by urbanXchange.
The project observes the city of Rome as a cross point where urban phenomena of the Northern and Southern hemisphere are very near together.

Researching along a spatial axis of the Roman consular streets Casilina – Prenestina, in the territory of the municipality of Rome our aim is to focus on different cases of informality, such as informal economies, informal housing, informal settlements, self organization and and self-organized planning by the inhabitants. Smu connects at the same time the different “cases” to related phenomena within the City of Rome or other European and extra European cities.

The project will build a network of researcher, artist and  activists to share and compare similar phenomena as well as the correlations between different European realities.

SELF MADE URBANITY looks at the different phenomena of self organized urbanism, self construction, alternative city building and the production of public space from the point of view and „learning from“ the protagonists of such phenomena, including them in the process of knowledge production in a partecipative exchange.
Researching and reflecting on the complex historical, sociological, anthropological and political situation from this point of view will provide, in our opinion, a new consciousness and understanding of contemporary European urban space.