Carlo Cellamare

Assistant professor in Town Planning at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Member of the Department of Architecture and Town Planning (DAU) and member of the staff of the PhD Programme in Town Planning of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Scientific coordinator of several researches, his research items are:

1.the study, even with an interdisciplinary approach, of the relationship between built forms of the town, uses and urban practices, of the relationship between everyday life dimension and the global processes of urban structure developing and growing, of the urban policies in settlement growing areas.

2.the study and testing, even through research-action experiences, of urban policies for implementing such dimensions and of innovative participatory design and planning processes.

3.the investigation of the same items with regard to environmental questions in wider territorial contexts.

Among his publications: Culture e progetto del territorio (Franco Angeli, Milan, 1999), Labirinti della città contemporanea (ed, Meltemi, Rome, 2001), Plural Cities, (ed, Dedalo, Bari, 2002), RomaCentro. Dal laboratorio alla “Casa della Città” (Palombi, Rome, 2006), Fare città. Pratiche urbane e storie di luoghi (Eleuthera, Milan, 2008).