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urbanXchange acts on an urban area where processes of transformation, transition or consolidation takes place. Taking into account the complexity of the phenomena and the ongoing conflict in the contemporary urban space, urbanXchange use a transdisciplinary approach combined with a participatory methodology in relation to the territory in which it operates.

urbanXchange highlights local experiences and knowledge, and advances the exchange with other local or international entities. The aim is to develop tools and to create synergies and collective strategies able to cope with problems, requests or demands which are often very complex. Another purpose of urbanXchange is to bring together „specialists“ with local inhabitant and associations in order to make accessible and visible local knowledge and resources to a wide range of audience.
In addition to promoting the exchange and collaboration between individuals, social entities both local and national and international, urbanXchange involves theoretical, artists and cultural producers and promote the participative interaction and the exchange with people and territory.

urbanXchange is organizer of the 2nd International Workshop on the Informal City : „Imparare da Borghesiana“ and founder of the SMU- research project


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