The Exhibition

The works presented in the exhibition will use various media, including drawings, maps, documentary photography, narrative photo-installations, films and video-installations. Contemporary art will be juxtaposed with documentary works from 1950 to the present and together bear witness to the social changes of the last 60 years. Some of the artworks will be based on research in private archives and documents of dwellers associations and will question and interpret these materials in close dialogue with the protagonists. This collaboration between artists, inhabitants, theorists and activists enables a complex approach to the city’s development.

Spatial Concept

In the exhibition at NGBK, Berlin the linear structure of Via Casilina will be projected on to the gallery. This axis serves as spatial reference from the city centre to the outskirts and will be structured according to significant nodal points that the case studies focus on. The exhibition reflects on the entanglements of past and present, it follows local paths and their transnational intersections. It will condense spatial and temporal narratives that emanate from the local and link them in crossed perspectives to global phenomena.