Annalisa Lombardi

Lives and works in Rome. With Laura Federici and Laura Negrini she has founded the architect firm aQ architetturaquotidiana.

The office works on the planning of public spaces as places for collective use. The firm has implemented several projects for public squares (Oberdan and Mazzini squares, Rieti, Italy, Delle Sette Chiese and Castiglion Fibocchi squares, Roma, Italy) and designed a complete set of elements for urban design. It is currently following projects regarding public facilities, such as newsstands and open-air markets for the city of Rome. It is also working on the redesigning of a city park, with a sports center and other neighborhood facilities.
In recent years, aQ has been studying and proposing a new approach to schools and to the participated planning and managing of parks and playgrounds, in a context of cooperation and dialogue between the public administration and citizens, especially children.
The firm also works on themes such as rehabilitation of shanty towns and participation in urban planning. It has cooperated with Rome’s Unione Borgate in Rome, creating rehabilitation plans for the „Toponimi“, the irregular residential areas inside the Municipality of Rome.