Sabine Bitter/ Helmut Weber

Since 1993, Vienna and Vancouver based artists Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber have worked on projects addressing cities, architecture, and the politics of representation and of space. Since 2004 members of the cultural collective Urban Subjects US (Bitter, Derksen, Weber).

Their series of photo- and video-works such as Caracas Hecho en Venezuela, Living Megastructures, or Differentiated Neighborhoods of New Belgrade engage with specific moments and logics of the global-urban change as they take shape in cities, architecture, neighborhoods and everyday life.
Projects and exhibits (selected) – 2008: „Plugged in, Fenced out“, Gallery Fotohof, Salzburg; „We Declare“: Spaces of Housing, Gallery Gachet, Vancouver; „Islands & Ghettos“, heidelberger kunstverein, Heidelberg; „Contrapolis“, (w/h Urban Subjects US), Netherlands Architecture Institute and Poortgebouw, Rotterdam; – 2007: „Differentiated Neighbourhoods of New Belgrade“, Belgrade.

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