Susanna Perin

She is artist and cultural producer. She formerly lived and worked in Rome and since 1996 in Switzerland. She is co-founder of urbanXchange and of the SMU research project. 1998 – 2005 she was member of the Zurich based media and culture collective Labor k3000. She is founder of the DVD label <do it> productions and produced several participative DVD’s in collaboration with migrants women and women associations on the issues of subject construction (and deconstruction), media and representation critic. Actually she works on issues about migration, urban space, new labour conditions and culturalisation of economy. On these issues she realized several context and sight specific collaborative productions as EuroVision2000, MoneyNations2, Kollaboration Torfeld Süd. She organized exhibitions, events and wrote several essays. She works mainly with references to the EU space and in multidisciplinary contexts as e.g. in the project MigMap. Her exhibitions and projects (from 1999) took place in: Aarau, Antwerpen, Baden, Basel, Bonn, Bologna, Brussels, Cologne, Ljubljana, Plovdiv, Prague, Rome, Sofia, Vienna and Zurich.
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