NMM – Roma Map

A Map by Self Made Urbanity – Research in the framework of New Metropolitan Mainstream Project

The New Metropolitan Mainstream is found in variations in cities around the globe. The thesis is that there are the same rules that lead to similar results. INURA’s New Metropolitan Mainstream project compares the developments of the last 20 years in more than 40 cities. This will be the framework of debates and the discussions of the 20th INURA conference.
The last 20 years of urban development were marked by enormous urbanisation. Asia, Africa and Latinamerica experienced a tremendous growth of their cities. Besides urban sprawl a huge range of cities and metropolitan regions experienced a reurbanisation and urban renaissance. Globalisation brought about similar developments in inner cities, similar strategies of regeneration and urban transformation, among them culturalisation, privatisation of public goods and liberalisation of housing. Many regions also experienced an ongoing polarisation of urban rich and urban poor.

Visualizza Rome in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori

A Map by: SMU-research

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Antonella Perin: coordination
Carlo Cellamare (urban researcher) and Antonella Perin (architect):Urban Regeneration
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Alessandro Lanzetta (architect): The suburban city of the Ring
Ferro Trabalzi (urban researcher): Idroscalo di Ostia
Monica Rossi (anthropologist):Roma encampment and Squatted Social Center
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