Post Capitalist City

PCC_ConferenceConference in Pula – Croatia, august, 14th to 16th 2009

By Pulska Grupa

The city is the space where the reproduction of social, political and economic forms of life takes place and where these forms of life confront instrumental political power or political diagonal. This reproduction of forms of life represents the central site of exploitation as well as of resistance. Resistance is manifested through production of common values and through cooperation. This complex environment can be the key force behind the making of democracy, justice, common values and free space. Cities can become places of post-capitalism.

During three days, the Conference on Post-capitalist City will present the common experiences of European groups involved in mapping, planning and creating situations which escape both the capitalist logic of production of space and reproduction of life. Some of these groups will present their work in the form of lectures after which discussions will follow.

– The goal of the Conference is to affirm an international network of individuals and groups exploring various forms of self-organizing in urban planning. The participants‘ experiences, their current projects and practices, will be collected in a catalogue/brochure which will be used for further activities. The catalogue is conceived as a theoretical elaboration of practices, sorted by the criteria of 1) method 2) tools/instruments 3) strategy and tactics. – Our intention is to share experiences as well as create a Document summarizing our conclusions into a general thesis to be used in further actions.

Invited Groups

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