1st Workshop

1st International SELF MADE CITY Workshop

Rome, february 1st/4th 2009

Istituto Svizzero di Roma, Villa Maraini, via Ludovisi 48, Roma


The first international meeting and workshop of the SELF MADE CITY project takes place in Rome in collaboration with Spacexperience which follows a perceptive-experiential methodology. The aim of the workshop is to establish an European network in transdisciplinary research.

Rome: informal city and territories as social infrastructure

SELF MADE CITY looks at the phenomena of self-organization of the territory as the main subject for the production of urban space. The workshop aims to look at those specific areas of the city of  Rome which have developed outside the official planning processes. The development of these areas can be seen as the result of self-organization processes. The workshop aims to investigate how in circumstances of particular difficulty the social infrastructure has developed in the Roman territory, so we are going to explore this urban fabric through the fabric of relations that produces the prior conditions for the habitability of urban spaces.

Giuded TourWorkshop with Spacexperience factory on field

The perceptive-experiential methodology used in the workshop will provide a total immersion without mediations and introductions as direct experience of the territory. Moments of individual conceptualization of the collective experience of the „exploring group“ will follow to the „drift“. Experiences will be reflected and exchanged at the round table.

Rome: informal city and territories as social infrastructure

Workshop with Spacexperience factory round table open to public
The round table gathers results of experiences and methodologies starting by the field experience on the Roman territory by exchanging points of views with the aim to formulate common issues within different contexts.

workshop_1Europe: informal city, different experiences and observation methods

SELF MADE CITY observes the territories of contemporary cities with an international, transdisciplinary approach. This methodology takes in account the complexity of on going transformations processes due to urban speculation, new labor conditions in the neoliberal city, the new status of migrants as manpower in the European Union.
On going and former projects of the participants will be presented. The aim of the lectures is to work out points of intersection and possible collaborations or coproductions in the framework of the SELF MADE CITY project and network.

Special Thanks: Istituto Svizzero di Roma, Villa Maraini, via Ludovisi 48, Roma, FORUM AUSTRIACO DI CULTURA ROMA and all friends who supported us.