Informal Rome by Images

Metropoli spontaneaIn my lecture I’ll present my research on informal settlements in Rome, starting from the point of view of the inhabitants and builder. I’ll try to create a panoramic view of the post – war period till nowadays, including the temporary settlements, in Rome and in Italy a topic of big importance today’s. I’ll use some pictures, film and video material to describe the situation.
My aim is to share with the participants my considerations and to reflect about the changing in the different periods of informality. I do not mean to make a historical lecture about the territory but to look on these phenomenon and to compare them in order to understand the shift towards a different understanding of life, city and society. I do not want to give interpretations. My aim is rather to share my ideas and my questions with you. Susanna Perin, January 2009

With images and video clips from:
Rete Rom, Sui letti del Fiume, Agenzia AMI, Unione Borgate, France 2
„Roma metropoli spontanea“ by Alberto Clementi, Francesco Perego and the Univesity of Rome