Valle Borghesiana

Valle Borghesiana veduta During the first workshop we started the first approach to Borghesiana in order to analyse this specific areas  as an example of self organized and self urbanised settlements. In the whole area of the municipality of Rome you find similar settlements, even if not so extended as in these zones. The area between the consular roads Casilina and Prenestina was completely built in an informal way. You’ll find there every period of informal building activities and urban legislative as well as recovery procedure. The legislation and praxis that the municipality of Rome applies for the urban recovery is really innovative and unique.

Valle BorghesianaThe projects for the rehabilitation and creation of infrastructure are promoted and financed by the local inhabitants, who are organized as Consorzi di autorecupero. The plans will be later on reviewed and approved by the municipal council. Even though many doubts remain, several research groups from other European countries are analysing this kind of instrumentation, in order to verify the level of sharing and participation of the inhabitants in the planning and recovery process and not al least the efficiency and functionality of this applied praxis.

Discussione a Valle BorghesianaIn the framework of the 2nd international workshop: Imparare da Borghesiana / workshop on field in Public History, with the local inhabitants of Borghesiana and its surroundings, in collaboration with Consorzi di Autorecupero and local neighbourhoods assemblies, we started collecting personal stories and collective experiences of political struggles in order to reconstruct the history of these informal settlements, still in the urban recovery process, without forgetting the migrants as new inhabitants of these settlements and the large urban transformations in the new built settlements called “Centralità” in even farther outskirts of the city.

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