Programme Workshop November 15th – 18th 2012 in Rome


download programme pdf (435 KB): Programme Workshop 2012

Thursday 15.11.2012

Facoltà di Ingegneria, via Eudossiana n.18
(stanza ex-Direzione, area Architettura e Urbanistica – DICEA, I piano)

10.00 Team meeting
15.00 Project and case study presentations

Jochen Becker
Carlo Cellamare
Christian Hanussek
Alessandro Lanzetta
Antonella Perin
Susanna Perin

19.00 Meeting at Occupied Valle Theatre (Teatro Valle Occupato) with Marta Chiogna

Friday 16.11.2012

Goethe Institut Rom, via Savoia n.15
9.30 Welcome by Kaspar Howald, Leiter der Kulturprogramme, Goethe Institut Rom

Artists present their work

Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber
Maria Iorio and Raphaël Cuomo
Rena Rädle and Vladan Jeremic
Sandra Schäfer
Klaus Schafler
Alexander Schellow
Tobias Zielony

13.00 Lunchbreak
14.15 Lectures and presentations:

Intersections along Via Casilina

Carlo Cellamare, Roberto de Angelis: Introductions
Monica Rossi: Casilino 900/700
Stefano Montesi: Pantanella
Monica Postiglione: Pigneto
Adriana Goni Mazzitelli: Mandrione and Metropoliz
Antonella Carrano with Carlo Cellamare: Tor Fiscale
Francesca Iovino and Valerio Bindi: Forte Prenestino
Cristina Torelli|Officina Film Club
Valeria Cardea: videos/photos occupations Action

19.00 Closing day at the Goethe Institut
19.30 visit to Pantanella with Stefano Montesi
20.00 visit to Pigneto with Monica Postiglione

Saturday 17.11.2012

Field trip

10.00 visit to Torpignattara with Francesco Pompeo and Andrea Priori
12.30 visit to “Casilino 700|900”
13.30 visit to Tor Fiscale with Associazione Torre del Fiscale
15.30 visit to Borghesiana with Mauro Baldi and Antonella Perin
18.00 visit to Metropoliz with Adriana Goni Mazzitelli and Gianluca Staderini

Sunday 18.11.2012

Goethe Institut Rom, via Savoia n.15

10.00 Remarks and observations at the field trip,proposals for the exhibition
13.30 Lunchbreak
14.30 Layout and contributions for the exhibition
18.00 End of workshop

Workshop organization team:

Jochen Becker, Carlo Cellamare, Christian Hanussek, Alessandro Lanzetta, Antonella Perin, Susanna Perin


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Jochen Becker: +49 151 20781523
Christian Hanussek: + 49 160 1006860
Antonella Perin: +39 3920412381
Alessandro Lanzetta: +39 3296344629
Susanna Perin: +39 3463296940

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